Jodie believes yoga is for everybody and is committed to supporting students on their journey.  She is experienced welcoming beginners to her classes and with infectious enthusiasm encourages everyone to push past their comfort zone. Laughter is most definitely welcome in class as we come together to find our own individual practice, on and off the mat. 

Jodie first began a regular yoga practice in 2006, but it wasn't until attending an Ashtanga vinyasa flow class a few years later she found her true spiritual and physical home. Having been a keen gymnast during childhood, the joy of discovering a safe place where standing on your head as an adult is actually encouraged was but one of the appeals.

Coming to undertake teacher training with The Yoga People in 2014, Jodie gained a firm grounding in the principles of the Ashtanga Primary series and The Rocket System.  Continuing her training in 2017 Jodie gained a further 100 hours advanced training in Yin Yoga, allowing her to offer both Yang and Yin focused classes.

Classes are suitable for all levels, full of energy  and provide the opportunity to reflect and rejuvenate the body and mind from the stresses of London life.... headstands optional.

Yoga styles

All abilities catered for.

Primary Series

In the tradition of Sri K. Patthabi Jois, the primary series is a set practice consisting of Sun Salutations A&B,  a standing sequence focused on forward bends, Yoga Chikitsa (yoga therapy - seated asanas) and a closing sequence consisting of backbends, inversions and a well earned Savasana. 

The full primary series is 1.5 hours, a shorter modified sequence is often taught.

Rocket Yoga

The Rocket system, developed by Larry Schultz in San Francisco is a dynamic and fast paced sequence with its roots based in the Ashtanga Series of Patthabi Jois. Rocket incorporates poses from the Primary, Intermediate, Third and Fourth series, promising to enable students ‘to get there faster’. Emphasis is placed on ‘flying’ into arm balances and inversions. The rebel cousin of Ashtanga, The Rocket is for those who love a challenge and to work up a sweat – most suited to those with 6 month + experience of vinyasa yoga.

The full Rocket is 1.5 hours. a shorter modified sequence is often taught.

Emphasis is placed on the tools of  ashtanga; ujjayi breath, bandhas, asana, vinyasa and drishti in all yang classes.


Vinyasa Flow

This Vinyasa Flow class offers creative and dynamic sequencing with its roots in traditional Ashtanga yoga. Consisting of a flowing vinyasa sequence to make you sweat (just enough) and get your heart pumping whilst also utilising the breath, the class will enable you to get the most out of the asana and get that pranic energy flowing. Your efforts will be rewarded with a relaxing closing sequence leading into savasana. For all levels of yogi sequence offers both modified and advances poses, allowing you to embrace your own practice.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga offers a slower paced class with poses usually held for 3 to 5 minutes. Not to be confused with restorative, the Yin practice takes you to the edge of the pose in body and mind. The focus on holding poses targets the fascia (connective tissues of the body), aiding increased joint health and overall flexibility. Those familiar with a more Yang practice will certainly benefit from incorporating the Yin yoga into their regular practice, it's also great for runners, cyclist and anyone looking to ground into their practice. 

More information on Yin Yoga may be found here


200 hour Teacher Training - Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket. London, 2014

With thanks to my teachers - The Yoga People, London. 

100 hour Advanced Teacher Training -     Yin Yoga and Ayurveda principles. Goa, India, 2017


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